Super Sexy RAW is your go to website for all things RAW ! What does raw imply ? Initially, the name started with the concept of creating delightful recipe books (which are still on the way) but evolved through the idea of enlightening people with respect to their well being. So many people are unaware of what to eat, or what products to use that are safe for their consumption. More importantly, people are very, very stressed nowadays and have no idea how to deal with it. Some handle the stress through emotional eating, isolation or even develop stress related illnesses.

Mikhaila Christian, Super Sexy Raw’s founder strongly believes in the philosophy of natural science. In reference to the name “Super Sexy Raw”, she expresses her love of feeling sexy as a result of combining raw foods with an open mind in addition to habitual exercise.  In essence, Raw is a lifestyle that consists with truth.  The whole truth.  Her purpose for Super Sexy Raw is to inspire athletes through support, accountability, and teamwork for optimal performance, mental clarity and endurance as a means to commit, nourish and succeed.

By subscribing to this site, you will have the advantage to find your own guiding light through wholesome resources. Some of those resources are local organic products made on Maui, like delicious raw juices and foods, and euphoric natural body care. These items can be ordered through the Store menu and cleanses can be shipped overnight. Other resources are free articles, videos and podcasts that will show you how to incorporate a raw lifestyle. Look for these under the Blog, Recipe and Store menu’s.

There are four fantastic sections under the Blog menu, and they are titled “Feed Your Mind”, “Feed Your Body”, “Feed Your Heart”, and “Feed Your Spirit”.  The idea that you can nurture these four vital ingredients with Super Sexy Raw’s wisdom is liberating.  Not only will you feel tranquility, but your personal growth through learning is reason enough to make time to commit.

Lastly, if you are interested in professional services such as 1 on 1 health coaching, private meal delivery ( and custom products) or group education sessions please contact Super Sexy Raw through the Contact menu and your interest will be returned at the earliest convenience.

Thank you greatly for your interest and have a wonderful day!

Mikhaila Christian - Founder of Super Sexy Raw
Mikhaila Christian - Founder of Super Sexy Raw